About boudoir photo sessions

Boudoir photo sessions

In order for the boudoir, erotic or escort photo sessions to take place in good conditions, always aiming to maximize the quality of the resulting materials, in the following, Lustography recommends a list of requirements to be taken before or during the photo session.

boudoir photo sessions

Preparing a photo boudoir, erotic or escort photo session is a very important process in making very good quality materials. Thus, before scheduling a photo shoot at Lustography, in principle, the following requirements should be followed:

Boudoir Photo Sessions – minimum requirements for deployment
  1. Boudoir photo session language
    The languages of communication throughout the boudoir photo sessions, erotic or escort and related activities are English [minimal] and / or Romanian [native].
  2. Location [ boudoir photo shoot ]
    All photo sessions in the categories Boudoir, Erotic, Escort, will take place in locations rented and organized by the client.
    Lustography can offer you a list of locations, to have landmarks / examples. He can also advise you in choosing the locations, the environment is very important for the frames and photos resulting from the photo session.
    In principle, the locations agreed by Lustography are in The Hague Area, and if they are outside the city, the client will provide transportation [round trip]. The locations must meet a minimum of environment, lucrative, which will increase the quality of the materials resulting from the meeting.
  3. Communication
    It is extremely important that before choosing a photo package and scheduling a session, there is a consultation with the photographer [Whatsupp in writing or by phone] to determine the level of requirements, the degree of editing, the volume of material, etc. Thus, the photographer will tell you to choose the best photo package suitable for your requirements. It will also advise you, depending on your budget, which location to choose, as well as clothes, makeup style, hairstyle, etc.
  4. The payment
    Payment for boudoir photo services will be made at the photo session in accordance with the chosen photo package from the Packages & Services section.
  5. Delivery of gross frames / pics
    The client / model will receive a number of raw photos from which he will personally choose the pictures that will be edited, according to the chosen package. Gross photos will be sent through specific online transfer services [WeTransfer or similar] or by direct transfer to your personal laptop.
  6. Editing materials
    The editing of the materials selected by the client will be done according to the chosen package, that is why a prior consultation between the client and the photographer is welcome in order to establish the complexity, the type of editing necessary.
  7. Delivery of edited materials
    It will be made according to the chosen package and will come in extensions of various sizes, prepared “Ready to upload” for dedicated platforms.