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Boudoir Photographer in Netherlands

Available for various collaborations in the Netherlands, boudoir photographer J. Hermeziu puts to good use the experience gained from 2006 until now and proposes a new concept of image creation: Lustography.

J.Hermeziu, as boudoir photographer, specializing in Boudoir Photography and the artisan of a successful recipe in Erotic Photography in the Romanian Adult Industry,, designs a holistic and diversified approach to photography amateurs and consumers in the Netherlands.

Lustography: not only a Boudoir Photographer!

Creating photo sets with professional equipment, in studio or outdoor mode, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO or digital marketing consulting, Lustography creates the visual identity as a whole.

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Although the specialization in Boudoir Photography with its categories and subdivisions is fundamental to the boudoir photographer J. Hermeziu. Lustography is not limited to this, proposing a diverse range of photography.

You can use Lustography services with confidence!

Lustography offers an experienced photographer, even if he specializes as a boudoir photographer, he is very versatile. Thus, it can cover a diverse range of photography.

Product photography, commercial, can be an inspired choice, especially if the products are lingerie or clothes, shoes or sports accessories. Because there are many similarities of approach between boudoir photographer and commercial photographer. Communication, positioning of models, their orientation towards light, highlighting the strengths of the product / model are some of the similarities. And the photo sessions can take place both in studio and outdoor mode with specific equipment.

Portraits, Peoples or Headshots, too, could be an inspired choice for your photo shoots. From the simple photos for print, to the social media ones, or from the corporate ones to the ones dedicated for sale / subscription [ex: OnlyFans]. There are visual materials that Lustography can offer you. You can approach the classic or non-conformist and Lustography will challenge your professionalism and photographic experience.

Lustography: various professional photo services!

Corporate events or even private parties can be a reason to use Lustography photo services. A book launch, music album, concert or exhibition, a corporate event, a conference. Or a simple team building, are some of the pretexts to have image galleries. To refresh the memory or to image a business.

Or if you are passionate about Fitness | Bodybuilding and you want to immortalize the momentary form you have. A photo session with Lustography is a suitable choice! You can choose dedicated photo packages from the list. Of [ Athletic Pack ] services or customized if you already have a plan.

And if you own a business that you would like to promote through images. Or locations such as club, bar, fitness room, beauty salon, or actually you would like to rent or sell a location. Lustography can offer you specific presentation images of location.

Why you should choose Lustography?

All materials resulting from Lustography services are made with professional equipment and approach.

Lustography has been and will always be a follower of the idea of ​​win-win collaboration. By offering quality materials at very good prices. The concept of progressive mutual gain.

As a client you can benefit from the experience gained since 2006 for any type of photographic service

Through the diversity of services offered. Lustography can create the image of a model from scratch, without resorting to the services of third parties. Thus, photography, advanced editing, adding graphic or imaging-manipulators can create a unitary image of the model.

All imaging materials contained on this site are created by Lustography by Julian Hermeziu

Very important in realize photo sessions. Video sessions. Or simply graphic and design customizations. Lustography always considered that the final result, qualitatively speaking. Is reflected by a wide communication both before. During and after performing the services required by the client!

All materials resulting from the collaboration between Lustography and the client are safe!

The constant collaborators will also have the best offers and will always prioritize the reservation of working time.

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