Steps to follow for boudoir photo sessions

Boudoir Photo Sessions : Next steps to follow

In order for the materials resulting from a boudoir, erotic, escort or related photo session to be of very good quality, Lustography recommends that you follow a list of steps.

photo sessions

[Chapter I.] Preparation, contact and scheduling of the video chat photo session.

1. View portfolio photo galleries.
It is very important that before scheduling a photo chat video chat session at Lustography to preview the page with the “Portfolio” photo galleries. If you like what you saw and are going to schedule it, it means that you are probably determined to benefit from similarly made and edited materials. [Page here].

2. Consultation of Service Packages, Prices and Promotional Offers
After viewing the photo galleries made and edited by Lustography, it would be recommended to draw a parallel between the quality of the materials and the prices. Thus, you can view the service packages offered by Lustography [Page here], then, you can view the Promotional Offers [Page here]. Thus, you will find much better prices for a combination of services in the promotional ones. That is why I recommend choosing a promotional package, if there are no special preferences.
After finding the prices, services and offers from Lustography, it would be recommended to do a small “market study”, accessing the sites of photographers in the industry so you can make a comparison, both prices, volume, delivery time and quality of materials.

3. Setting the budget / Choosing the desired Package
Establish a budget from the beginning with which to fit both in choosing the photo / video package and in the specific training: location, make-up, etc. Think ahead, what kind of materials you need and what your goals are. Then you can make the right choice!

4. Contact, detailing and establishing the meeting.
You can contact me by phone or Whatsupp [0726265598].
If there are questions regarding the first date available for the adult photo session, special requirements, details of photo packages, etc., you can approach me from Monday to Saturday between 12:00 and 20:00.

Basically, we would establish in principle the data of the chosen package, location recommendations, clothing, answers to questions, etc.

5. Establishing / Choosing the location
All photo sessions in the categories Boudoir, Erotic, Escort, will take place in locations rented and organized by the client.
Lustography can offer you a list of locations, to have landmarks / examples. He can also advise you in choosing the locations, the environment is very important for the frames and photos resulting from the photo session.
In principle, the locations agreed by Lustography are in The Hague Area, and if they are outside the city, the client will provide transportation [round trip]. The locations must meet a minimum of environment, lucrative, which will increase the quality of the materials resulting from the meeting.

6. Scheduling the photo session

After we have established in principle, the first coordinates of the session, after a definite confirmation of the location, we can establish [only] by phone, exactly the date, day and time of the adult photo sessions. From that moment, the photo session becomes “official”.

However, if after the formalization of the photo session, for objective reasons, the adult photo session is desired to be postponed, suspended or canceled, it can be done in advance by notifying the participants at least 24 hours in advance.
[Objective causes that can be included are: medical, family, pandemic reasons, extreme weather causes, etc., in general causes that do not depend on the person of at least one of the protagonists, whether it is a photographer or a model. Noting that these situations are very rare.]

[Chapter II] Conducting the photo shoot.

1.Establishing coordinates.
On the appointed day, it is good to hear each other by phone, before making the “reception” of the location. There may be small changes in the program, unwanted but probable [congested traffic, congestion at a store, delayed makeup, etc.]. There may be objective reasons for small program changes and if they are argued, I think they are tolerable situations.
Thus, the conversation before the “reception” has the role of synchronizing us, so that we do not wait in front of the location with luggage / equipment. I usually resonate with the idea that the model gets an idea earlier and until she gets used to the space, until she arranges some of her clothes, etc., to arrive in time.

2.Technical meeting before Photo Sessions
After synchronizing at the location [after reception], it is necessary to establish the coordinates we work with during the photo sessions, as follows:
– establishing the space [rooms, hall, bathroom, balcony, etc.], frames [walls, furniture, decorations, bed, armchair, chair, etc.];
– specific positioning depending on the requirements of the model / client;
– establishing the volume of nudity and the goals that the model pursues [each model sets its own level in advance, the photographer must know in advance to work organized];
– if there are specific editing requirements, customized;
– establishing an approximate working time and coordinating the meeting according to needs [there are models, experienced or not, who work slower or more energetically];
– establishing the clothes according to the frames and the chosen package;

3.The actual meeting | Photo Sessions
I usually work without a certain amount of time pressure, I try to give the model peace and the desire to “pose”. Throughout the session, verbally, I help the model in positioning and orientation in the light, so that the raw materials are of good quality. Likewise, I try to explain and argue the positions, the frames related to the requirements of the model. When changing clothes, I agree to take a break [coffee, cigarette, hydration, etc.]. From time to time, I offer for viewing on the camera display, the resulting materials, so that the model can relate as in a “mirror” with the positions, grimaces, attitude, etc. It helps a lot to coordinate the body on the photographic position.
Personally, I am focused on the model having frames in the best version of it at that time. Therefore, it is very important for the model to be in good working order, to be rested and energized.

4.End of the photo session
The end of the session comes with the framing of the last clothing or the suit established in the technical session [Chapter II.2], the consistent exceeding of the number of gross frames offered in the package or of the time established by mutual agreement resulting from the chosen package. With the end of the session [gathering of equipment and staff], the payment is made, because in a few hours I propose to hand over the raw photos for choice at their maximum size [Chapter III].

[Chapter III.] Materials delivery, working and editing.

1. Handing over raw photos for selection
Usually, I inform myself and also inform the model about the technical methods of receiving the materials, from the previous discussion on the phone [Chapter I.4.] And we will find the simplest and most common transfer method.
Usually, the raw materials are sent in the form of archives / download links by email using Wetransfer / Google Drive / or similar services. The model receives a number of links where it can download raw materials for selection online. The links are active for download for 7-10 days, depending on the service.
To make sure that the model understands the procedure, in the email that contains the links, it will also include step-by-step information on how to proceed. If you encounter technical problems, I intervene and make sure the model receives the materials.

2. Photo selection for editing
After downloading, the model creates a new folder where it will copy the photos it would like to edit, within the chosen package. If you still want a selection of extra pictures, apart from the selection in the proposed package, depending on the type of editing and preferences, set the price per photo. Thus, the model can create its own number of pictures and budget for “extra selection”. The “extra selection” will be edited only after I complete the initially established package, and I will make a delivery estimate in advance.
After completing the selection in the dedicated folder you can take a screenshot | printscreen or simply a picture of the phone on the monitor with the folder open, so that I can see the number | the name of the picture that also conforms to my folder. This creates a working folder with the photos chosen by the model for editing.

4. Edit | Retouching 
Because each package has its own type of editing, it is good to pay attention to the preferences and the choice of the package, which is done in advance [Chapter I.4].
If there are special preferences but which do not involve complexity and additional time compared to the type of editing displayed in the package, there will be no extra costs.
However, if there are preferences that involve technicalities that support a complexity and an additional editing time, I am obliged to notify the beneficiary of the meeting in advance of the possibility of “extra” costs [usually not necessary because I try to make sure from the beginning , type and purpose of the meeting].
The editing / delivery time is given by the nature of the chosen package.

 5. Edited materials delivery
The delivery of the materials will be done in the estimated time for each package, or – in some cases, according to the previous discussions, by telephone.

The delivery will be on digital media, using WeTransfer | Google Drive or similar services, as in the delivery of raw materials for selection [Chapter III.1.].
Of course, I will inform / instruct the beneficiary in advance, how to proceed, as well, if there are technical problems.
The delivery will be made in an archive with several folders, as follows:
– Maximum size
– Under 10 MB
– Under 5 MB
– Teasers
Basically, besides the pictures at the maximum dimensions, you will also receive resized variants, in order to meet the requirements of the sites, to be ready to upload.

6. Post-delivery confirmation
After handing over, it is recommended that the model confirm receipt of the materials and upload them to the platforms. If there are technical problems [resizing, minor retouching, loading / unloading problems, etc. ], I try to come to the aid of the beneficiary, with the most handy solutions.

[Chapter IV] Confidentiality

The confidentiality of the photo sessions and of the materials resulting from it is ensured. The model can choose the type of Model Release that establishes the right to use the photo, discretion, etc.

The agreement to publish the materials resulting from the meetings is made only with the consent of the model.

[Chapter V] Accompanying the model by other people to the photo sessions

The model can be accompanied to the photo session by a person if it is announced in advance and meets the following requirements:

He is older. It does not intervene in the photographic act. It does not disturb the ambiance of the studio / location nor does it damage the condition of the model / or equipment. It does not highlight states of jealousy or contradictory unconstructive discussions, which usually lead to quarrels. The accompanying person is even welcome if he represents moral support to the model, it helps him to feel ok.

[Chapter VI] Reasons & Arguments for which a photo session can be stopped, canceled, refused.

Lustography reserves the right to stop / postpone / refuse a photo session in advance or in the type of its development, at any time if the model, client or third party that is present is in the following situations:

1. one of the participants is a minor;
2. if the model is unprepared [clothing, make up / facial appearance or hair, has poor hygiene, is tired, sleepy or not working];
3. intervenes in the photographic act offensively;
4. disturbs the studio / location environment or damages the condition of the model and / or the integrity of the equipment;
5. if he has consumed or is consuming alcohol or narcotics;
6. if he has a deviant and unprofessional behavior that directly or indirectly prevents the photo session;
7. is highlighted by contradictory non-constructive discussions;
8. behaves in an inappropriate language, brings insults, offenses or insinuations both to the photographer and to the other participants in the session, if any;
9. if he repeatedly schedules and cancels the meetings for no reason;
10. presents a communication and a deficient understanding both in the realization of the photo session and in the process of selection, teaching, editing.
11. delays the confirmation of the meeting [with a maximum of 24 hours it is necessary to confirm, with a maximum of one hour before establishing the coordinates of the meeting [Chapter II.1]];
12. delay with the physical presence at the photo session by more than 40 minutes, especially if there are no solid arguments;

The photo session may also be interrupted for objective reasons [of a medical nature or urgency thoroughly argued, without extra costs or pecuniary effects from both parties].

[Chapter VII] Responsibilities of the photographer

1. It ensures that it informs the model, in detail, about the chosen package, the type of editing, the delivery time, the price of the chosen package, the payment method, etc.
2. It is ensured that the session flows in normal parameters and the resulting materials are in accordance with the chosen package;
3. It is ensured that the delivery volume and time are those established in advance with the model, according to the package;
4. He comes to the aid of the model throughout the session in achieving diversified frames and positions within the location chosen by the model;
5. Ensures that the model receives the edited / assembled materials in a timely manner and will request an acknowledgment of receipt;
6. Ensures the confidentiality of data and images resulting from their own photo sessions.
7. The only way to publish materials on sites or platforms will be done only with the consent of the model / client [Model Release].

For more information and clarifications, you can also access the Terms & Conditions page.