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Presentation Site

Presentation sites are meant to increase the visibility of a business or activity. By reducing the costs of classic promotion, presentation sites prove to be practically the most effective tools in exposing, describing and promoting the business or activity you support.

As the time of exposure on the shelf or door to door in the context of digital progress is long gone, the option of owning a website, even for a small business or hobby, becomes a “must have”.

From a freelancer to a stamp collector, from an influencer to a barber, from a grocer to a thriving corporation, most benefit from a greater or lesser exposure on the Internet.

Do you want to stay behind?

Now you can make a choice through Lustography! Access the form through the “Request Quote” button below and depending on the options you want, Lustography will offer you a web package as complete and optimized as possible for your resources. Also, if you want to access the portfolio page, you can do so by accessing the “See the protfolio page”.

Blog | Editorial Website

The favorite of those who want to express their opinions in writing through detailed articles, the blog is both an excellent web tool for promoting and disseminating news, editorials, but also a convenient resource for readers.

Like its technological descendant, the vlog, the blog proposes a series of development algorithms. In addition to the purpose of information, opinion, the author wants as large an audience as possible and also a decent number of visitors / readers per article. For commercial or simple purposes, for informational purposes only, the blog becomes undesirable for a significant number of authors: writers, independent journalists or journalistic groups, editorialists, influencers, visual artists, freelancers, mentors, sportswomen, etc.

The blog can be part of a presentation site or individually. Text content creators greatly appreciate this type of interface and with the ease with which it is published through WordPress, it becomes one of the simplest forms of expression on the Internet.

If you are a follower of text creation, journalism, fiction, documentary or creator of technical tutorials, or develop narratives about sports, lifestyle or spiritual activities, Lustography has the opportunity to offer you a personalized offer by completing the form by accessing below ” Request Quote ”.


E-Commerce or Online Store, along with the widespread use and use of the Internet, is one of the most widely used ways to sell, distribute, or buy products and services.

Much lower space costs [vs. Classic stores], global visibility and exposure, the ability to diversify services and product categories, are just a few of the strengths of online retailers.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor of goods and services, opting for an e-commerce is imminent, and the premise is not “if” but “when”. And the faster the decision to have an e-commerce, the greater the opportunities for business development.

Thus, Lustography, connected to the whole phenomenon involving online sales, can offer you a very convenient offer both to open a competitive E-Commerce and related support services, content and ment: product photography, commercial, specialized graphics, banners for web promotional campaigns, visual identity, sliders, etc.
Access the “Request Quote” below, fill in the form with your options and you will receive a concrete estimate!

The image of a successful business always has in the background an identity formed by a logo that is easy to remember, a body of text, a specific font, colors or shades.

A logo is not just a graphic form. It is an attitude, an atmosphere, and the message must pass beyond the eyes, in the memory. The logo is just a simplified form of a broader concept, based on ways of using the chosen colors, ways of displaying and transmitting the message.

Depending on the commercial purpose or specific activities, the visual identity must be boldly designed and dedicated to the target audience.

Lustography creates and proposes diverse, conventional or courageous concepts of visual identity. And if you feel you need a visual identity or have already redefined one that may be outdated or unsuccessful, you can request an offer by accessing the button below.

Web Campaign Banners

Extremely important for promoting products or services. Web campaign banners can be placed in predefined advertising campaigns such as: Google Ads, Affiliates. Or they can simply be used to exchange links with partners or to fill in the blanks of a commercial site.

Banners are generally standard for advertising campaigns. They are divided into three categories as proportions: landscape, skycraper [portrait] and square [square / or almost square]. That’s why creating a set of web banners for advertising campaigns requires three “Master” banners from which the rest of the dimensions are derived.
Web banners can be delivered as packages in the following extensions: .jpg, .gif, .gif [animated], .png and editable extensions: .psd.

Lustography can offer you a wide range of banners for your web advertising campaigns. And if you think you need your business, you can request an offer by accessing “Request Quote”.

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