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The blog is the most used type of website for those who want to keep their fans or customers up to date or simply create a target audience for opinions or activities.

The blog can be unique, independent but also part of a presentation site. As part of a presentation site, the blog boosts the number of visitors and helps a lot in SEO & Google.

The blog or editorial site is not only the prerogative of journalists but can also be easily used for activities or opinions, hobbies or lifestyle.

For journalists, compared to the press trusts they collaborate with, the blog can be independently, more precisely and consistently positioning for news and opinions. For this category, the blog becomes the personal “little news site”, with which it can considerably increase its reputation.

Also, for other categories, such as artists, influencers, doctors, sports, etc., the blog can represent their way of communicating with the representative public. Visibility, reputation and also notoriety can increase considerably.

Lustography can find a successful recipe to significantly increase your professional notoriety, creating and developing your personal blog.

Thus, if you would like a detailed estimate for making a blog, you can fill in the form below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

All blogs & editorial sites are made on the WordPress platform. Thus, customers will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Accessibility to a platform that works with simplevery practical;
  • Easy to maintain and add new content;
  • WordPress blogs are very friendly with SEO & Google ;
  • great diversity of Plugins and Modules with various functionalities;
  • Themes with multiple functionalities, very generous and impactful;

Lustography through the experience accumulated on the WordPress platform, according to the work plan and requirements, will develop the editorial site – modern, current, in a practical way, still trying to reduce the client’s costs as much as possible by accessing visual impact functionalities. Thus, your blog may have:

  • User friendly content and layout;
  • Responsive content;
  • Complex, actual Themes;
  • Modern slides;
  • Attractive fonts;
  • Development and useful settings of Modules and Plugins;
  • Complex forms;
  • New, modern widgets;
  • Ways to increase SEO and indexing;
  • Social Media tools;
  • Quick messages and applications [WhatsApp];

After creating the blog, Lustography will be able to provide maintenance for a short & reasonable period of time and guide the client in order to teach him to use it as he pleases.

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