Terms & Conditions

Way to work & Rules

In order to create good quality materials, Lustography proposes that the possible collaboration or partnership be carried out in decent, common sense terms and conditions, in which both parties benefit from the “Win-Win” report.

Thus, you can access the information quickly by clicking on the list below, without having to go through the whole text.

A. Photoshoots & Video Sessions

1. Programming and establishing the location
2. The photoshoot
3. Delivery of materials, selection and editing
4. Material storage, confidentiality and loyalty of frequent customers.
5. Reasons & Arguments for which a photo session can be stopped, canceled, refused.
6. Responsibilities of the photographer
7. Extra costs
8. Payment methods

B. WebDesign & Grapic Services

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A. Photoshoots & Video Sessions

1. Programming and establishing the location:

1.1. The meeting will be established in advance, at least 4-7 days before the date estimated by the client.
1.2. The contact will be made by contact form, phone or on Whatsupp. The appointment and details will be made only by phone.
1.3. Establishing the location is mandatory and documented at least 3 days before the meeting.
1.4. Location documentation: will be exemplified on Whatsupp, e-mail or messengers with links or pictures from the targeted location. The location must meet the requirements, features of the photo sessions and dedicated platforms, such as LiveJasmin, Onlyfans, Escort Platforms, etc. Thus, the model / client assumes the environment of the chosen location and the cost of renting the location will be paid by the model / client.
THE SCHEDULE becomes official and GUARANTEED only after the proof of the location reservation is made. Until then, the schedule is temporary and unsecured.
1.5. The postponement or cancellation of the meeting due to objective reasons will be done at least 48 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, later, a possible rescheduling will be viewed very cautiously and priority will be given to appointments that went correctly.
1.6. It will be established from the beginning: Date, Time, Type of package chosen, Location and types of clothing detailed by phone or Whatsupp.
1.7. The photographer can help the model / client with a list of example locations, suitable for photo sessions!

2. The photo shoot:

2.1. Punctuality is appreciated. Advance or delay of the meeting time by up to one hour, is agreed if announced in due time.
2.2. The meeting will take place according to the discussions / preparations in advance, the expertise of the photographic technique and the requirements of the platforms / target audience.
2.3. The assistance of the session by a third person is accepted only in the conditions in which it does not intervene in the photographic act: positioning, lights, examples, etc., because, through the mentioned ones, the attention of the model from the session is diverted.
2.4. The attendance of a third person at the session will be done only with the prior consent of the photographer, and announced at least 24 hours before the session.
2.5. The photo session takes place in the Estimated Working Time, according to each photo package. “Extra” classes or outfits will cost extra.
2.6. The Actual Working Time represents the effective duration of the photo session: photographing, mounting or manipulating the equipment, changing the model’s outfit. To gain time in favor of the model, the photographer will try to take his breaks while the model changes.
2.7. The photographer will orient the model correctly in the light, will help in positioning and will communicate throughout the session, but the profitability and experience of the model for very good quality results also matter a lot.
2.8 The photo session will take place in a dedicated location, and the people involved in the session will not consume alcohol or prohibited substances. Also, hygiene and attention to detail are necessary to create quality materials.

3. Delivery of materials, selection and editing.

3.1 At the end of the session, the photographer will inform how to hand over the raw frames: by email, online transfer [WeTransfer]. It will technically help the model to take possession of the raw materials by video call in case she doesn’t know how [or TeamViewer].
3.2 The model will receive an email with the links containing the archives of the raw photos resulting from the photo session at a maximum of 12 hours from the end of the session for the purpose of selection. As the raw frames will be handed over at maximum size for the purpose of selection, payment will be made in full at the end of the session.
3.3. Downloading, unzipping can be assisted by the photographer by video call, if the model does not have the technical knowledge. The model must have space in PC / Laptop and internet connection.
3.4 After selecting / listing the pictures of the best frames resulting from the photo session, they will be sent by email or Whatsupp to the photographer. From the moment of sending, the “editing time” is counted according to each package.
3.5. The model will choose for editing the number of pictures according to the established package. It will take into account the outfits, positioning, but also the technical requirements (if any) of the LiveJasmin type platforms (to have some profile pictures, chosen according to the “wiki”).
3.6. If the model wants extra photos of the package, they will be priced per piece, a selection of at least 3 pieces and will be according to the table on the Prices and Services page.
3.7. If there is a desire to modify a certain picture or group of pictures, they will be made only according to the type of editing related to the package. A list of changes will be created by the model, once, to be clear and to the point.
3.8. Delivery will be made by online transfer via the WeTranfer or connected service [links via email]. The materials will be organized in three folders: Large Photos, Resized under 10 MB, Resized under 5 MB, prepared: “Ready to upload”.

4. Material storage, confidentiality and loyalty of frequent customers.

4.1. Lustography guarantees the confidentiality of the materials resulting from the photo sessions. The publication or use of materials for advertising purposes by the photographer will be done only with the consent of the model / client, by mutual agreement [Model Release Agreement] in advance.
4.2. The photographer guarantees the storage of the materials in the archive at least one month [30 days] from the date of finishing the editing for FREE. It is possible to keep them in the archive for a longer time, but it is not guaranteed. Lustography opts for this for the situations in which the model / client loses the photos and wants to recover them. 1 month free backup. In case of loss, for the recovery of the materials the client will receive them with an extra cost of 20 euros, of course, if the materials still exist in the Lustography archive.
4.3. Customers / models who frequently use Lustography services can receive loyal photo & video packages! [at least 4 services / year].

5. Reasons & Arguments for which a photo session can be stopped, canceled, refused.

Lustography reserves the right to stop / postpone / refuse a photo session in advance or in the type of its development, at any time if the model, client or third party that is present is in the following situations:

5.1. One of the participants is a minor / under 21;
5.2. If the model is unprepared [clothing, make up / facial appearance or hair, has poor hygiene, is tired, sleepy or not ready to working];
5.3. Intervenes in the photographic act offensively;
5.4. Disturbs the studio / location environment or damages the condition of the model and / or the integrity of the equipment;
5.5. If he has consumed or is consuming alcohol or narcotics;
5.6. If he / she has a deviant and unprofessional behavior that directly or indirectly prevents the photo session;
5.7. Is highlighted by contradictory non-constructive discussions;
5.8. Behaves in an inappropriate language, brings insults, offenses or insinuations both to the photographer and to the other participants in the session, if any;
5.9. If he repeatedly schedules and cancels the meetings for no reason;
5.10. Presents a communication and a deficient understanding both in the realization of the photo session and in the process of selection, delivery, editing.
5.11. Delays the confirmation of the meeting [with a maximum of 24 hours it is necessary to confirm, with a maximum of one hour before establishing the coordinates of the meeting [Chapter II.1];
5.12. Delay with the physical presence at the photo session by more than 30 minutes, especially if there are no solid arguments;

The photo session may also be interrupted for objective reasons [of a medical nature or urgency thoroughly argued, without extra costs or pecuniary effects from both parties].

6. Responsibilities of the photographer

6.1. It ensures that it informs the model, in detail, about the chosen package, the type of editing, the delivery time, the price of the chosen package, the payment method, etc.
6.2. It is ensured that the session flows in normal parameters and the resulting materials are in accordance with the chosen package;
6.3. It is ensured that the delivery volume and time are those established in advance with the model, according to the package;
6.4. He comes to the help of the model throughout the session in achieving diversified frames and positions within the location chosen by the model;
6.5. Ensures that the model receives the edited / assembled materials in a timely manner and will request an acknowledgment of receipt;
6.6. Ensures the confidentiality of data and images resulting from their own photo sessions.
6.7. The only way to publish materials edited by the photographer, on sites or platforms, will be done only with the consent of the model / client [Model Release].
6.8.The photographer ensures that the model / client receives the materials that are the subject of the photo shoot.
6.9 Ensures that he / she will communicate sufficiently for the model / client to be informed in detail.
6.10 Lustography provides backup at least for a short time for the materials made, so that if they are lost, the customer can have them again. 1 month free backup. In case of loss, for the recovery of the materials the client will receive them with an extra cost of 20 euros, of course, if the materials still exist in the Lustography archive.

For more information and clarifications, you can also access the Steps to follow for boudoir photo sessions page.

7. Extra costs

7.1. The “Extra” photos, which were not the subject of the chosen package but which are the result of the photo shoot, will be paid according to the grid of the displayed package.
7.2. Clothing in addition to the extra package will be charged according to the grid of the chosen package.
7.3. Overtime exceeding Actual Working Time will be charged according to the schedule of the chosen package.
7.4. The transport of the photographer and the photographic equipment outside The Hague and the peripherals will be ensured by the client / model.
7.5. Changes to photos or videos that are once reviewed on demand or that are not the subject of the package chosen as the editing type will have an extra cost: € 25 / each photo re-edited one time, € 50 / each video re-edited one time.
7.6. Delivery on demand of other video teaser formats / extensions other than those conforming to the chosen package or service [e.g. shorter, longer, different resolution, video format other than .mp4, etc.] will have an additional cost of € 50 / each video re-edited one time.
7.7. Retrieval of published materials one month after delivery costs € 20 for each request.
7.8. The urgency of a photo shoot, editing and delivery of materials other than those officially established on this site, as far as possible, can be agreed only if you pay in advance € 100.

8. Payment methods

8.1. Payment for photo & video services will be made at the end of the photo & video session;
8.2. Payments for overtime and additional clothing, if any, will be calculated and made at the end of the photo & video session;
8.3. Payments are made in Euro, cash or by bank transfer. If they are made by bank transfer, the photographer will be presented with proof of payment.
8.4. If there is a prior agreement that involves staggered payments, they will be in accordance with the agreement.
8.5. The installments discussed in advance must contain a first installment of at least 50% of the total estimated value, which will be made at the end of the photo & video session.
8.6. Customers / models who access a Lustography service for the first time cannot benefit from staggered payments. Staggered payments are exceptions and are rarely agreed under certain conditions.

B. WebDesign & Grapic Services