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Whether you are a “devourer” of your own image, a photography enthusiast, a model at the beginning of the road or an already experienced one who creates or develops his own Personal Branding, an artist or simply a collector of his own memories in the form of images , Lustography can be the perfect “ally” in your endeavor!

Lustography can offer you very diverse services in capturing moments, moods or your physical form, emotions and events, in very good quality images.

Depending on the characteristics of the model, Lustography will offer you a specific approach or an alternative. A change of look, a roll play, a new story can catch the eyes of those close to you, and even you can be surprised by new poses.

The Portraits & People category is a generic name that contains several types of photo shoots. These include:

  • Professional Model Book [for portfolios, castings, etc.];
  • Amateur Model Book / Beauty / Solo;
  • Personal Branding Photo Session [non-adult content];
  • Artists [bands, singers, musicians, painters, carvers / sculptors, etc. ];
  • Thematic & Events Photography [Halloween, Christmass, Easter, Birthday, etc. ];
  • Thematic & Role-Play;
  • [etc.]

However, if you would like a personalized meeting that would not be part of the above or you would like some of each, using the contact form, you can describe what your requirements or needs are and after analysis, I will propose a customized photo package .

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