My Experience

The artisan of the Lustography concept is Iulian Hermeziu, a photographer of Romanian origin, who puts to good use the experience gained from 2006 until now in making photo, video, editing, editing or post-production sessions, graphic design and webdesign, for a diverse range of clients in the adult industry and not only.

Clubs, NightClubs & Private Parties

Started as an erotic show photographer, during the period when the very popular clubs in Bucharest had a predominant “nightclub” accent, I was active in this register for several years. Empirically at the beginning [like everyone else in my situation], the shows and the crazy atmosphere of the Bucharest clubs offered me amazing experiences and teachings both from a professional point of view and personal training and maturation.

Six days out of seven, at a fast pace, I dedicate between 10 and 12 hours of work per day: overnight we take event photography based on erotic shows [over 400 raw pics almost daily], and after a few hours of sleep, we prepare and process photos, ready to upload. I also place them in galleries on the club’s website. And during this time, I had to think of graphic layouts for posters, banners and flyers to promote events: good quality photos, logos, partners, descriptions, etc.For me, in my training as a photographer or graphician, this period was an experience that is not learned in specialized courses, workshops, or visual arts academies.

Specialization and accreditation of photography and graphics

Subsequently, in 2010 I completed a course specialized in photography and image processing, accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor of Romania. Thus, I completed the practical experience of a photographer with the theoretical one.

Freelance as Adult Photographer

Also during that period, I had occasional or long-term collaborations with producers of materials dedicated to adults [porn, erotic, erotic shows], making photo sessions, graphics and layouts for CD / DVD covers.
From 2007 to 2011 as a simple photographer, I became a media partner for the most popular erotic event in Romania: Eroshow. Five days, once a year, dozens of stands, events and a scene populated by the most popular pornstars of that time.

Also from 2010-2011, there was a free fall of the clubs in terms of the meaning and purpose of erotic shows, practically in that year the idea of ​​”night club” and club in the classical sense was very clear. Thus, the shows took place almost exclusively in “private” clubs.

The corporate period: Holosfind

As a result, at that time I worked as a webdesigner at Holosfind, one of the companies that had some importance in Europe in terms of SEO and Digital Marketing.
Here I “deciphered” the basics of building a presentation site, e-commerce platforms or mobile applications [that were just beginning], but also marketing campaigns, creating a large number of advertising banners in various sizes, in accordance with Google requirements Ads and affiliate platforms.
We have created visual materials for: Becquet [FR], Toutespiecesauto [FR], ABCLiv [FR], Wolters Kluwer / Sintact [RO], Legrand, Eurolines [RO], Hidraulica [RO], etc.
A new, corporate experience, very beneficial, too.

Studio Photographer at Xvision

Starting with the end of 2011, based on previous, punctual collaborations, I was recruited as a photographer by one of the largest videochat studios in Romania, at that time, XVision Studio. What was practically the transition from the “photographer-hunter” of erotic shows, to the “seated” studio.
The large number of studio models resulted in, on average, about 3 sessions per day. 5 days out of 7. Each session had over 450 raw frames, 12-15 edited, sometimes 20. Imagine some figures calculated for 5 years: models, clothing, sessions, number of raw frames, edited photos!

Photobooking: a personal business concept, from 2013 until now

Since 2013, as an independent photographer, I created the concept of Photobooking, during which time I continued my collaboration with Xvision Studio as a partner. For 4 years I had my own photo studio, with all the specific equipment.

Photobooking: adult / erotic photography
We have annually made over 150 portfolio photo sets and teasers for video chat models or collaborating clients / studio.
[online platforms such as: LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, Streamate, MyFreeCams, I’m Live, etc.]

Photobooking: commercial photography
Photobooking offered a successful visual recipe for both video chat models or escorts but also as product photography [commercials] or presentations, for various clients, retailers or manufacturers or service generators: 3vet, Marycom Simex, Zippler, Aphrodisiac, DressUp Exclusive, Legendary, MNX, RebelWave, etc., ranging from medical-veterinary photography to swimwear, lingerie, clothes [Inditex: Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, etc.], sports equipment, floral arrangements, etc.

Photobooking: Graphic design & Webesign
And because some of my clients from the photography area also expressed the need to have graphic elements for promotion and web visibility, I saw the opportunity to offer them graphic and webdesign services through my experience, thus being able to create from zero image of a business from logo and visual identity, business cards, flyers, to banners for web advertising campaigns, presentation sites or online stores.

Thus, making all the advertising materials, they can create a unitary image, an overall image of the whole business.

Among customers, I list: 3Vet, Marycom Simex, Radacini Group, Candy Kids, Ferma Bizoni, GreenAgro, CerealTop, etc.

Lustography: not only boudoir!