Lustography offers a diversity of services that, from a visual point of view, can create a complete image of a product, service, project. All services, made by the same vision, created as a whole, give a unitary visual aspect, an identity.
Thus, Lustography offers clients who develop a business, whether it is at the beginning or in progress, punctual, cumulative or complete image services.

We can start to create the visual identity from a logo concept, or logotype based on already drawn information or let go of creativity and Lustography experience. We can establish in advance the color palette, the style and the targets of the business or the product itself.

The visual identity, along with the product, must find a virtual “home”, other than the physical one, accessible to all. Presentation sites, e-commerce sites, platforms or applications can be called “houses”. And Lustography can build these types of “houses”, with SEO, Digital marketing and integrated administration / maintenance!

These “houses” require mobility in order to promote the product, the service. Thus, promotional materials have this role and again in our little story, we will call them “vehicles”. Lustography can make banners and visual materials for promotional campaigns, social media and affiliates in the virtual space, as well as materials prepared for printing.

“Houses” and “vehicles” cannot exist without “shells”. The cover is represented by images resulting from photo or video sessions, edits or specific montages. And the main service of Lustography is represented by image creation: photo sessions, video, editing, editing.
And when “home”, “vehicles” and “shells” do not struggle to achieve their goals, Lustography can help you by offering you Web Experience, SEO, Digital Marketing consulting and will offer you your own vision.

It is true that Lustography, being a personal project at the base, does not have the capacity to be specialized in all the above mentioned fields, but it has the capacity to form in due time, a team of professionals with at least 10 years experience in their specialization! The team is already one of the previous collaborations and lists: digital strategist, developers, CSS / Html / Php / implementers, etc., so Lustography together with the extended team can offer you the most complete services.

What can Lustography offer?

Photography [Main]
– photo sessions / in studio / indoor-outdoor mode, with specific professional equipment;
– types of photo sessions: boudoir, portratits & people, athletics & sports, location &  service presentations, commercial photography, fashion & lifestyle, family, corporate, events, etc.
– editing, retouching, editing and photo manipulation;
– consulting [photo sessions, training, locations, equipment, etc.];

– short video presentations, teasers, 4k quality;

Webdesign and Customizations
– creation of sites [presentation, E-commerce, etc.];
– creating banners for Google Ads and Affiliate campaigns;
– banners and visuals specific to Social Media;
– customization and development of sites from the WordPress platform;

Graphic design
– creation of visual identity;
– posters, banners, business cards, print customizations;
– menus of services or products, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc., shops or specialized services, veterinary, medical offices, etc.

Web Experience, SEO, Digital Marketing
– evaluations and consulting;
– implementation and functionalities;
– visibility, projects and strategies;

Lustography.com is an example of the services offered. If you consider that a punctual or lasting collaboration would be necessary, Lustography is open to your projects! Do not hesitate to contact me HERE, to describe to me what would be the services you want and useful, I will evaluate and answer.